What to Wear to a Funeral

What to Wear to a Funeral: If you found this article you are here because you lost someone.  My sympathy for your loss.  I know you don’t feel like shopping right now This is a guide you know what to wear for the funeral or viewing without leaving your closet.  Funeral Attire


What to Wear to a Funeral : There are several different events during the death process: viewing, funeral burial, and post reception or “going back to the house.”

A viewing is normally held at a Funeral Home the body is placed on display for the friends family to pay their respect to the deceased and the love ones.   Breaking into a few different categories based on relation to the deceased

What to wear to a funeral?

 What to wear to The Viewing?

Adult Family/loved ones:

These are the people who will be at the viewing the majority of the time and attending the funeral Burial . (This is a NO Jeans for these people*)

  • Women what to wearing to a funeral or viewing:
  • Color Choice : somber color (black, grey, navy, beige, or a somber print) All black is not necessary or expected anymore.
    • dress (not strapless)
    • suit
    • nice dress pants
    • blouse
    • Sweater : always recommend a sweater or jacket because funeral parlors temperature is always on the cooler side because of preservation.
    • Cardigan (if you wear a sundress it is a must)
  • Men what to wear to a funeral or viewing:
    • Suit (for the actual burial most men wear a suit)
    • Nice dress pants
    • Button down shirt
    • Tie
    • Nice sweater
    • Khakis

What should Kids Wear to a Funeral:

Children that are beloved to the Deceased :

  • Little Girls :
    • Nice dress  color choice is not really an issue with little kids, so holiday or party dress will be fine
    • Pants (no jeans)
    • sweater (to stay warm in funeral home)
  • Teen/Preteen Girls:
    • Sweater (to stay warm in funeral home)
    • Skirt Tasteful Length
    • Shirt
    • Nice tasteful pants
    • Dress-  More somber colors
  • Little boys:
    • Polo shirt
    • Pants
    • Sweater
    • Button down (tie not needed)
    • Suit (only if you have)
  • Teen boys: Under 19:
    • Suit
    • Khaki
    • Dress shirt
    • Polo – Somber colors
    • Sweater
    • *Nice Dark jeans–  This is one kid where I think jeans would be Ok if they are clean and dark- because Teen boys are growing fast and they can be picky about clothes. Avoid the fight you are grieving.   So cut them some slack and make life easy.


What to wear to attend a Viewing Acquaintances Family friends:

I really think if you want to visit the funeral parlors / home and pay your respect generally most clothing is appropriate as Funeral Attire.  Colors don’t have to be reserved or somber,  so is you have a bight top it would be Ok.  To be respectful don’t wear Dirty, offensive slogan, or ripped clothes.

  • Women attending a viewing:
    • Slacks
    • Skirts
    • Dress
    • Nice clean dark jeans
    • Button down/blouse
    • Plain tee
    • Knit tops
    • Work clothes (if you are going and coming from)
    • Anything listed above that the loved ones would wear.

No’s : Cami, Strapless, Tank Tops, tube tops,  bathing suits, short mico mini, booty shorts, offensive tee if you have to wonder if it is offensive then it is a no.

  • Men attending a viewing:
    • Nice jeans
    • Polo
    • Button down
    • Plain tee
    • Clean Kahis shorts
    • Work clothes (if you are going and coming from)
    • Anything listed above that the loved ones would wear

No’s for men: sleeveless shirt, ripped  dirty jeans, jean shorts, bathing suits, offensive tee if you have to wonder if it is offensive then it is a no.

What to Wear to a Funeral :

If you are not close to a family if you attend the actually funeral burial (when the person is placed in final resting place) follow the family rules.

**** This being said some people prior to passing away say they want their passing to be a celebration of their life and want people to wear Hawaiian shirts.. In that case follow the loved ones wishes.

Reception afterwards, or Going back to the home: 1st of all you can change your clothes to be more comfortable.  Please bring something food is the most appropriate, bring something that is freezable.   Let the kids be kids with the other kids.. it does help.

I am not Jewish so I can’t advise Shiva,  but I will do further research with local Rabi and get some answers in future posts.   I would always dress more conservative regardless.

What to Wear to a Funeral is a question everyone will ask themselves unfortunately at least once.   I wish you and your family solace and peace in this time of difficulty.

what to wear to a funeral

What to Wear to a Funeral

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