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Plus Size Red Dress : I have written many many post about red dresses.. Like this one Big Girl Red Dresses That Will Make Your Man Want More. As a women I think wearing a red dress is empowering  and sexy.  Nancy Regan who recently passed was know for her red dresses. Hillary Clinton whether you like her or not can show her determination by wearing this dramatic power color.  This will be the year you see the red colored dress everywhere.  It will always look great,  once you find your perfect red shade looks fantastic with every hair color.

If you have not read the Bloggess stories of the Traveling Red Dress , I highly recommend reading it here is the link to my favorite of the stories.   Because every women should wear red.  I noticed recently on Facebook a friends of my daughter and friend wore red to the pro,  the color was perfect on both girls and they looked like classic movie stars- lovely.  May every women feel the power of red.



If  you have not worn red in a while go out and buy a red dress.  If you don’t want to spend alot of money try a consignment/thrift shop or you local Ross, TJ Maxx,  Buy a dress that fits well if not to thin or stretchy make sure it has a structure so it can be fitted but does not show your bits.   So you feel comfortable in the dress.

I recommend a thrift shop because many women will only wear a red dress a few times because it is such a memorable dress. A women dose not blend when she wears a red dress so they tend to pass them on.. their loss is your gain.


My red dress is from Gwynnie Bee, which of you read my blog you know I am a huge fan.   Gwynnie Bee is a subscription based clothing service that allows you to pick out a a virtual closet of clothes and send you them to wear. You can either purchase them at a discount or return them after wearing them. It is like having new clothes weekly, wear them once or more and return when finished. They specialize in sizes 10-32. Free shipping to and from you home. I adore the idea of renting clothes because I don’t like to wear the same things more than once. I cant recommend them enough.

Buy a red dress you will thank me when you walk taller!

Take a moment everyday and make yourself happy! Your world will thank you!



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