How to be a Plus Size Women and Dress City Chic

How to be a plus size women and dress city chic: Plus Size fashion blog for the over 40 with Fashion Blogger Sherry Aikens.  What I wore casual everyday great for the office and around the town. Also what to wear in NYC to look chic and comfortable.

Plus size fashion over 40 from bigigrlsguide sherry aikens

Plus Size Fashion Over 40:  This past week I made a trip to my favorite city NYC.  I love the beat the feel of the city and the friendliness .. yes friendliness of New York City that is right.  Everytime I time I have a great conversation with interesting people.   While walking to an event at French Sole, I sat down in front of Hunter college and had a great conversation  with a college professor.

We discussed a women who got off a bus in front of us,  the women exiting the bus was wearing 6″ stiletto with a 2 inch platform in the front.  As she was getting off the bus and careful navigating the grates in the sidewalk.  We both discussed how she was going to twist her ankle, or brake it on the uneven pavement.

“Those crazy heel are best left to the young girls.” my new friend stated  continuing “when they get older there feet will be all miss shaped.”

As big girl high high heels were never and option for me, because I never want to wear anything that draws attention to my size 11 foot.  That is why French Sole is so great.   There shoe collection is dedicated to beautiful flats and low heels that are fashionable with quality materials.  Disclosure : I received  the wonderful blue flats for attending there event.  They have a low heel and are super comfortable great shoe for the city.

Plus size fashion over 40 from bigigrlsguide sherry aikens

Stripe Top similar found here or here

Plus size Wide Leg Pant  found here

This outfit is a great staple city chic in the City.  If you don’t own a stripe shirt,  you should it is a must for all women.  I know horizontal stripes on a big girl?  I say try them out they easy to wear and a classic look.  Also wide leg pants they are relaxing and great for work to playwear.  The pants are a little large for me but I love them, this fall it will be time to get a new pair.

Plus size fashion over 40 from bigigrlsguide sherry aikens

Purse found here

I paired the outfit with a pop of color with the Purse from Haiku ( check out my full review here).  This is a great bag for the city.  It fits my DSL camera and all my other personal items.

french sole royal blue flats

The French shoes are found here

These French Sole shoes are really great.  French sole has ballet flat and flats for all sizes up to a size 13.  I cant wait to wear them more.  Be sure to check out my post in the next month on French Soles new Fall collection, when it becomes available.

So when you travel and you are mixing business with pleasure, get some plain black pant, striped tops, and colorful accessories.

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