Plus Size Casual Fashion with Jord Wood Watch

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Plus Size Casual Fashion: As you know I love to wear skirts all summer. They make me feel girly and skirts are airy in the heat.  The idea of an outfit being dressy and casual at the same time is the best way to enjoy a day.  Putting together basics clothing that can be worn from your closet, then pair them with great jewelry.   That is exactly what I did for this week’s What I  Wore Wednesday post. The silk sweater is from my closet Liz Claiborne. I have the sweater for sometime,  now that I am smaller then I was few years ago it fits again.


Plus Size Causal Fashion from plus size blogger Sherry Aikens


My skirt is my own creation.  I had an older knit skirt that was a favorite and I love the fit.  Using old skirt’s silhouette I copied on to paper to make a pattern, with quick sew,  voila a knit skirt that comfortable and goes with most basic tops. The best part about having a pattern ready made, if I see fabric I love, I purchase a yard, and make a skirt.  TIP: Hang on to those older perfect skirts you can always take hem to a seamstress and have the the perfect skirt rise again.


Plus Size Causal Fashion from plus size blogger Sherry Aikens

Plus Size Casual Fashion: Just adding a few extra accessories,  can really take a casual outfit and elevate it something fashionable.   The scarf is a Lands End it is a thin cotton knit striped scarf that I picked up at a thrift store.  The belt to was also from a thrift store. Why pay $20 for a belt when you can find one for $2.  Never underestimate thriftying if you can’t find  plus clothes be sure to check out scarves or other accessories.  There is always a jem that was someones trash, that can be your treasure.


Plus Size Causal Fashion from plus size blogger Sherry Aikens


Jord Wood Watch Review

Mixing great new accessories with my own items jewelry box items is always fun. I am an affiliate of Jord watch if you click on my links and purchase I will earn a small percentage of the sale.   I was recently sent a Jord wood watch to review and giveaway one away to my readers.   The quality craftsmanship of this watch is amazing,  perfectly crafted.  You would expect it to be metal but no it is make from  real wood.  The natural grain of the wood is so unexpected in a watch.   The face is in wood trimmed in metal and the features are delicate but on trend with fall fashion magazines.   I loved pairing the watch with my existing bracelets and stacking them.  The silver accents in the watch worked well with my bracelets but also my wedding rings.  Pretty Right?


Jord wood watch review Plus Size Causal Fashion from plus size blogger Sherry Aikens

When you order a Jord watch,  the shopping cart allows to to provide your measure of your wrist for fit.  Don’t worry not need to look for a ruler,  you can print a ruler right off the Jord website.  The Jord technicians then size the watch perfectly for your wrist, no removing of links when it arrives.  Take it out of the box and your beautiful wood watch is ready to wear.   The Jord watch comes in an artisan box that is elegant.  The packaging would impress any recipient luck to receive suck a unique gift.


Jord wood watch reviewed by bigigrlsguide

Everyone who has seen the Jord wood watch  has asked me about it and where they can find one.    One word for the watches on the Jord Watch site is Stunning.  Take a look

Wooden Wrist Watch


Jord wood watch reviewed by bigigrlsguide

Jord wood watch reviewed by bigigrlsguide

Wondering about that Jord Wood Watch  Giveaway I mentioned??  Wait for it… The  giveaway will be post next week!  Be sure to follow me on twitter or check back here for the post.


Plus Size Causal Fashion from plus size blogger Sherry Aikens

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