9 Best Video Makeup Tutorials for a Women Over 40

Over 40 Makeup Tutorials and Tips:  These are the 9 Best Video Makeup Tutorials for a Women Over 40 :

The older I get I need a little more help in making my makeup look. Better to enhance my face. My lines that add character, need to just plain go away. I love fashion I think I can put an outfit together but I am no make or beauty guru, I am happy I get the lipstick on straight. I love when I learn something to make my over 40 face look more youthful and defined.  Be sure to check out my post on How to make your hands look younger.  I love finding great makeup artist  and everyday women with great beauty style on you tube because lets face it you can learn anything on YouTube. I have picked out my favorite videos of make tips and techniques for the women over 40.

You can find Jane Iredale beauty products here

Modern face on a more mature women using better color choices:  Great Video tips Roberts Jones

From Kadee she does her Moms makeup and tells you all about the products

Getting Rid Of Under Eye Circles

This is PixiWoo doing her mums make up she talks about changes to skin  from dryer to oily in other places

Great Everyday makeup for women over 40 with dark skin tone

This is one of my favorite simple eye makeup tutorial from Jo Lynne Shane aka Quick and easy eyes

From Hot and Flashy  great tips for a everyday over 40 Makeup

This is Sugar Puff and Fluff she is an everyday women giving great tip

Have fun watching these wonderful beauty experts Over 40 Makeup Tutorials

9 Best Video Makeup Tutorials for a Women Over 40 from biggirlsguide beauty tips

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