New Year 2016 New Week Fresh Start

new years hat and bottle

Welcome 2016!  This year is a fresh start! Leave those in the past regret, failures, and non accomplishments.  This year the only goal for me  is to “Finish”.  As I look around my home I have many unfinished things and stuff.   I will finish or disregard the items as a form of finish it from my life.

Currently,  I have many many blog posts that are “In Progress” on both my blogs here on BigGirlsGuide and also on Superexhausted my lifestyle blog.  Many of these post have pictures done and are helpful to my readers.  I just have to finish them,  I am going to spend less inefficient time surfing social media and talking on the phone and get my stuff done,  finish.   I am considering a timely manner like 1 every 2 days.

I have many fashion posts.

Like this one .. you will see it shortly

plus size fashion blogger sherry aikens OOTD jazzing it up with her grandmas fur

I also have many sewing and crafting projects I have not finished.  Like this quilt I started in 2003 or maybe 2004 .. yup I don’t even like it any more but their was time and money- the actually free form quilting I love but the colors meh. Finish I must.


This week I finished 3 pairs of PJ bottoms for my daughter.   That I started in 2013 –  2 of the 3 where too big when I made them,  they now fit her.  The other one I finished and I will pass to someone at church.   I felt some sense of accomplishment.  Because I create and sew for a living I often put off non paying projects to make money which just make me feel like I have no “me” projects,  because for the most part I like creating for others. I have the best of intentions.

Projects List includes materials bought;

  • Quilt from 2003
  • Baby sweater 2013
  • lamp shade for a lamp
  • 2012 kids hand print pillow
  • Baby activity quilt
  • Renaissance fair dress
  • Revamped tee for my daughter
  • skirt out vintage scarf
  • skirt for day of the dead “Halloween idea”
  • Easter dress for daughter and matching skirt for me
  • many more

I also have a stack of Tepees that I cut for my etsy shop that need to be finished. I will be completing them and adding them to my completed stock.


babypop teepee

Wish me luck !  What are some of your plans do you believe in New Years resolutions ?


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