Plus size style: 10 Ways to avoid the Mom Frump

butt with jeans on

Plus Size: Avoid the Mom Frump :  Their are days we all get into the mom frump.  As moms we forget ourselves.  This fall,  take basic steps to remember yourself and boost your confidence.  Following few basic step can uplift your look and not break the bank.  You will be a stylish mom at the bus stop.

  1. Dye your hair.  if needed every 6 weeks many box hair colors look great.  If you hair turns red stay with ash tones and avoid colors saying “warm.”
  2. Put on jewelry!  Never under estimate a great pair of earrings or necklace .  Earrings define the face and necklace can elongate the neck.
  3. Scarfs are your friend: they can turn a simple tee into a classy outfit.. Saving tip,  try a simple pashmina wrap at AC Moore or even a great vintage scarf for the thrift store
  4. Buy clothing that fit ..not super loose clothes can add pounds
  5. Avoid too thick clothing.. if you buy tees go and buy a thinner one, made out of slub yarn or little sheer.  Heavy tees look dated,  very early 2000’s and ad pounds to your body.  I highly recommend going to Old Navy they are inexpensive but the cuts are right and they tend to drape more. They also extend to 2xl in the store and large on line.  Tee are not meant to last years…. I have discussed this with a friend and she said as a women with a larger chest she prefers a Lands End Tee.
  6. Buy one pair of current jeans that fit.  I love Lee jeans they are my favorite plus jeans.  They come in at the waist, and curve at the hips.  Also buy jeans tight they will stretch,  most plus jeans have Lycra (the jeans tend will grow over the day.)
  7. Loose the running sneakers.. unless heading to the gym try a flat, leather shoe, even a Danskos clog
  8. Basic pony tails switch them up for a low braid or a great barrette.
  9. Wear a proper fitting bra.. picking the girls up is the quickest way to up lift yourself.  Go to lingerie store and get a fitting.
  10. Put on some make up: Lipstick, Mascara, or blush to make you look awake

What are some ways you avoid the mom frump?


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