How to Avoid Chafed Thighs: 5 Products Reviewed

How to avoid chafed thighs: 5 products reviewed How to avoid chafed thighs: 5 products reviewed. Picture me running around during the hot summer during  evening out in NYC.  Then me walking bow legged home because if my thighs touch each other, one more time I might start screaming. Lets face it you have been there, if you are a big girl.    You know “Chub Rub” when your thighs rub together and you get chafed thighs.  A Big Girl Problem not so much an issue thin girl issue, unless they run and they get armpit chafing.

I love wearing dresses because they let the air in,  but when my thighs rub.. they are not so fabulous to wear.  Quite frankly they can ruin your day or  night.  So on that trip to New York my roommate Chrissy shared a secret Anti Chafing Thigh Cream.  Hello lovely!! Where have you been all my life.  Open a whole new world of clothing options.. more dresses.

The Start of me doing research for the next year, review which was the best for me.  I will preface I also perspire a decent amount so that is a factor in my review.  These Anti-Chafing Creams are for External Use only !

Anti-Chafing Thighs Cream Review


Lady Anti Monkey Butt: $8  This is a Anti Friction Powder with Calamine Powder-  this is powder is great if you are going to sweat,  I don’t find it has long day benefits to stop the thigh chafe but it will keep sweet down on your butt and back thighs- Con it is a powder so if you are wearing dark’s it tends to be a little messy, great for under-boob sweat.  PASS for Chub Rub WIN great on boobs sweat.lady anti-monkey butt powder

Gold Bond Friction Defense:  $ 5.50  Yea-  I used it once.  It is a runners stick (I think) It does not work on Chub Rub.  PASS Don’t waste your money .

Belly Jelly: A Skin Care Lubricant  $11+ This is a Surfers product I gave a try.  It smells of coconut.  It is a little sticky. I about it for my son when he wears a wet suit, as a preventive.  It is good for bathing suit elastic and thigh chafing it is water resistant. It has aloe and vitamin E so it is very helpful if you or your kids have a chaffing rash.  This is a Beach Pick WIN as a family optionbelly jelly lotion

Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel:  $8+ So when I went to a 2012 Blogger the women in one of my FB groups swore by the Monistat gel.  I have to say I tried it because everyone raved about Monistat for Anti Chafing thighs. It feels as if it uses silicone to make the anti-friction so silky feel.   I was not as impressed it was much thinner gel than my top pick.  It did not last as long and I have to reapply more than expected during a long night.  I still have some last from last summer my puppy did chew on it slightly(he is fine).  The Monistat is more readily available you can buy it any drug or super store.  WIN for Others PASS For me monistat chafin relief powder gel

Top Pick for Anti Chafing Thighs Creams

Drum roll:

anti_chafing_creams_013_001-4Lancane Anti-Chafing Gel: $7-10 Also feels as if it uses silicone to make the anti-friction so silky feel, but thicker and longer lasting then its competitor.    This is the Anti Chafing thighs gel, I always have in my purse, my medicine chest, travel bag, and glove box.  Yes,  I own 3-4 containers at all times during the summer.  I never want to be without Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel.  This is the gel Chrissy 1st shared with me.    Its non-greasy, Dries when you put it on, Moisture Proof (avoids sweat).  Seriously it is fashion life changing.   The price well is expensive then the others $10+ in the drugstore,  Amazon is much cheaper. Locating it local:  also the only place I can find it is Walgreens (CVS does not carry it-  I have looked at many locations)  WIN WIN WIN

What to do if you have the Chafing thighs Chub Rub and are sore:  Always keep a jar of the Vitamin E soft gels  in your home, or a small container in your makeup bag.  It is the best thing to let your thighs heal overnight.   Just cut (or bite) the end of the soft gel  and spread on the rashy area.  It is sticky but will not burn.  Most Lotions have alcohol  which will burn and leave you screaming.  Some people like straight aloe to help the chafed thighs.

How to avoid chafed thighs: 5 products reviewed

So those are how to avoid chafed thighs: 5 products reviewed.  Have fun wearing more dresses and being conformable this summer.   What have you been using for your Chub Rub ?

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